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Anonymous asked, "Penn is doing a film opposite Tatiana! haha, Tatiana Maslany but still :P"

LOL, that’s awesome! I love her. Will have to look this up. Go Penn!

Anonymous asked, "I can read. Actually is you who can't understand because you can't compare a relationship who didn't even make it to a season, to a freakin marriage!! she was talking about relationships, not about making a decision as huge as getting married w/someone. I think she got married with him 4 a reason, otherwise you are underestimating her, thinking that she can get married with someone and being "in love" with a different man. it's nonsense bc after 4x09 none of them showed interested in the other."

I don’t think it’s canon that Serena married Dan while still in love with Nate. I can tell from the show itself that Serena loved Dan most, and that she was so in love with him that she was willing to overlook the years of surveillance and sabotage that he had been performing on her and her friends while pretending he was better than any of them.

That being said, the person I reblogged the lovely NS gifset from was just pointing out that Serena once said that a part of her would always love Nate, even if she ended up with Dan. As it turned out, she did end up with Dan, and I think even you would have to admit she still loves Nate. He’s one of her best friends, she was in love with him for a time, and he’s still a huge part of her life. 

So even if you don’t agree that NS had an epic love, and you would be loathe to compare it to DS, there’s still nothing wrong with a gifset celebrating the lifelong relationship between Nate and Serena. And even if Nate and Serena had never even met, it’s still just a gifset showing off someone’s skills and interests. You don’t have to like it or look at it, as I try to tag everything we reblog here for blacklisting purposes.

Anonymous asked, "LOL do you know that serena said "'if i end up with" and not "if i end up MARRIED with"?? there are like miles away in between ugh pls. serenate is so endgame that they didn't even last a season lol. GET OVER IT!! specially that pathetic thing about the njbc all together like an effing clan or smth. NEWSFLASH! dan and serena are fucking married ;) xoxo"

To answer your first question: the gifset I reblogged says “If I end up with,” not “if I end up married with.” And as it turns out, I can read.

"There are like miles away in between," however, makes me concerned that you cannot.

Anonymous asked, "nonjudingbreakfastclub reposts everything."

Oh, dear. Deleting now! :)

mikesloventouch asked, "Ok to clear something up from that ask: Andy and Ethan ganged up on Aaron and bullied him into asking a question about "who was the biggest diva on set?" He kept saying everyone was nice, and no one was a diva, then jokingly said that they were filming an episode on his birthday and Blake was 3 hours late, and since it was his birthday, he (jokingly) said it was pretty "diva-ish" of her. He apologized to her on camera and only said it cause they forced him to admit ONE story."

Thank you for this explanation! Very helpful for someone like me who only knows what people have been saying. :)

And now anyone else who hasn’t seen it yet can know it, too. And that’s cute that he apologized, too.

Anonymous asked, "Aaron Tveit was on WWH on Bravo last night and said Blake was a big diva on set and once made him wait 3 hours to film and it was his birthday. Does it make you like Blake less? Or like Aaron less?"

First of all: NOOOOO! I knew I had forgotten to watch something last night. But it’s ok. I’ll eventually watch, lol.

Secondly: Seems a little unprofessional of Blake to do that, but I’ve definitely heard similar set stories for various actors. Also a little uncomfortable that Aaron told that story so publicly? But overall, it’s a thing that happens on both ends, and it’s not like I was a fan of Blake and Aaron specifically due to either their extreme professionalism or extreme tact, lol.

So, long story short, I still love them both but do not condone time-wasting at work or publicly ragging on your coworkers. :)

Anonymous asked, "Did you see the pics of Leighton hanging out with the lady who plays Eleanor on Mother's Day? So sweet! Please post or tweet!"

I did not know/see! I’ll search for them and reblog/retweet. Thanks for letting me know. :)

inthegrandersense asked, "Oh hello, this is Tina, don't know if you remember me? Your number one fan? just wanted to say I miss you bye."


shannonlovesmusic asked, "what in the good lord is the context of that scene? i want to hurt blair and i don't know why!!"

LOL, I feel you, girl. It’s from 5.19. Chuck thinks his mother saved his life and goes to talk to Blair about it, but Blair has just gotten her divorce papers from Louis and assumes Chuck wants back in her pants, so she kicks him out. And then Dan assumes the same when he finds out Chuck paid Blair’s dowry, but they are all wrong and Chuck is a precious angel baby. <3

Anonymous asked, "Anyone else getting worried about Blake, Ed, Penn, and Chace post-GG career? Leighton has now filmed (or will film) 4 movies - the one with Ben Barnes, the one with her friends, the one with RDJ, and this new lesbian one - and the others haven't filmed ANYTHING. Where is the hustle?!"

Speaking only for myself, I would have to say that I am actually getting worried. But mor on a selfish level than one of genuine concern, I guess? I mean, if the others were starving on the streets or in deperate need of work, that’d be a different matter. But I have a feeling any of the four of them could get something, so lack of movement on their part must be partially by choice. I’m just annoyed I don’t have new movies starring them to get excited about, lol.

In the meantime, though, I’m really proud of Leighton and happy that she’s kept her career healthy and active. She’s obviously very talented and, more importantly, a hard worker. Hopefully she’ll go far in the industry and we can all cheer her on from the sidelines. <3