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make me choose | anonymous asked: Derena or Chair

favorite moments of the finale.



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Let me tell you about addiction. It’sin their hands, their wrists. Slope ofthe jaw, slight of hip and thigh. I can’tstop loving boys, their chins, theirgleaming dark.

Let me tell you about addiction. It’s
in their hands, their wrists. Slope of
the jaw, slight of hip and thigh. I can’t
stop loving boys, their chins, their
gleaming dark.

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No matter what I say or do, I’ll still feel you here ‘til the moment I’m gone.

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Gossip Girl Meme - 5 Relatinonship

Serena x Dan

                 ”Well you can’t be any worse than the guys I do know.

“The story worth writing about Serena is that she still believes in love. She still believes happiness is waiting for all of us, and that our dreams are within our reach. She believes in goodness. She demonstrates goodness. She is full of hope and she delights in the hopefulness of others. That is what makes her golden.”

- Dan Humphrey

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